Why do business in Northern Saskatchewan?

Canada's only uranium producer

Canada remains a leading world uranium producer, accounting for 18% of world primary production.  All of the uranium production in Canada comes from Saskatchewan mines.

Employment by the uranium industry, including contractors, is approximately 4,700 people.  The uranium industry directly employs approximately 2,400 people in Saskatchewan and industry contractors employ an additional 2,300 people.  Employment at mine sites, including contractors, is approximately 3,200.  Approximately 49% of mine site employees, including contractors, are residents of Saskatchewan's north.  Approximately 43% of mine site employees, including contractors, are of aboriginal ancestry.

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Mining Exploration

Total 2010 uranium exploration expenditures in the Ahtabasca Basin are estimated to have reached $96.5 million, a slight decrease from 2009 actual expenditures which were almost $108.6 million.

The spot market price of uranium fluctuated between January 2010 and December 2010 (US$40 per pound and US$62 per pound).  The 2010 average spot price (US$47 per pound) is similar to 2009 (US$46 per pound).  However, the increasing trend through 2010 was an indication of the increasing gap between world uranium supply and demand.  Many companies are currently exploring for uranium in the Basin.  The majority of these companies are publicly traded and are operating in joint ventures with one or more other companies.  Most of the activity is in the eastern part of the Basin where the major known deposits are located.  However, following new exploration successes, activity is increasing in the western portion of the Basin.

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Business in the North

The Northern Saskatchewan Business Directory lists over 800 northern Saskatchewan businesses and services located in the Northern Administration District.

The Northern Administration District (NAD) refers to the geographic area of business for northern Saskatchewan.  It is a boundary efined by the provincial government.  It describes the land area north of the geographic centre of the province.  The NAD includes those communities north of Prince Albert, but not including Prince Albert; those north of Nipawin, but not including Nipawin; and those north of Meadow Lake, but not including Meadow Lake.


Tourism in the North

Athabasca Sand Dunes Provincial Park protects the most northerly expanse of major sand dunes in the world.

This fragile, desert-like environment combines lakes, rivers, and forests in a unique landscape.  Over 50 rare plants are found here, including 10 species found nowhere else in the world.

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